• Interviewer: What’s the most important thing in life?
  • Ville: Sleep.


HIM Wings of a Butterfly live at Sonisphere, Knebworth, UK, 2014


Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath

It’s every fan girl and fan boy’s dream to be acknowledged by their idols. As mentioned previously, one of the band’s idols is Black Sabbath. This fact is often parodied and joked about by fans. I would personally love to see a super-cut of every time Ville Valo mentions Black Sabbath. Someone get on that.

In 2005, HIM had the opportunity to perform at the 10th anniversary tour of Ozzfest. Ozzy Osbourne himself gave Valo personal advice – don’t ever give up on your dreams. It’s one of rock’s famous stories that Ozzy Osbourne dreamed of being the fifth Beatle and then became the Prince of Darkness himself. Valo on the other hand dreamed of being in Black Sabbath and created his own version of the band.

Later, Valo and Osbourne were interviewed together, along with Slash, for an inside look at Download Festival. Valo was written as being “terrified,” “smoking in a more frenetic fashion” than the calm guitarist, and “suffering a mild stroke” by the presence of Osbourne. This time Osbourne’s advice included getting “your fucking dick out” to get girls to flash the band at shows. Thanks for that, Ozzy?

As I’ve mentioned before, Mikko “Linde” Lindström has a close connection to Toni Iommi, Black Sabbath’s guitar player, both musically and personally. Iommi asked Linde to partake in his supergroup’s charity single, while Linde asked Iommi for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Linde and Toni Marie Iommi have been engaged since 2010; plans for marriage are unknown, assuming they are not already married.

Why did I choose this song?: HIM performed “Soul on Fire” at Ozzfest. I’m not sure what their entire set list included, but this song was featured on the DVD of the show. This song appeared on the latest tour circuit as well.


Ville Valo + Purple
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28.08,2014. Shanghai, China


The Finnish Connection

In 1999, Ville Valo performed with the Agents. This band is famous for backing Finnish pop acts such as Tuomari Nurmio and Badding and keeping old people tapping their toes. If its any hint as to what genre they play, they play a Finnish translation of Perry Como’s “Glendora.”

This is a far cry from HIM’s doomy and gloomy vibe. This is pure rock’n’roll in the traditional sense. He was invited by the Agents themselves to perform on their TV show and to participate on their double album compilation that featured other Finnish, baritone singers.

Why did Ville Valo agree to cut three Badding covers with the Agents in the first place? He grew up listening to these artists. Valo claims “Paratiisi” was the only thing that could calm him down as a baby. He also loves the tradition of melancholy. These old school Finnish rockers sing about love – unrequited desire and longing and the eternity of love. Much like HIM’s new school Finnish rock, these lyrical themes are ever-present in music much like life.

Why did I choose this song?: This is the full performance Valo did with the Agents. Listeners also can give Valo a fair shot in regards to his vocal abilities. Since there are no strange lyrics in the way, his vocal talent and sound therefore become the forefront. Valo’s hair is something to complain about if needed.